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Restless Traveler



Traveling around the word and visiting as much countries and towns as possible!


This is the page of the “Restless Traveler“. On the Travel Map you can follow its previous way.
If you got it from someone, please help to fulfill its Goal.

1.) Scroll down to the Form on this page and submit the new position. If possible, up to three picture of it would be nice – the TWB with the sign form the front (without the ID) and a bit of the surrounding area. That would be amazing.

2.) Afterwards find another person you give or send it to, to push it forward on its way. Please make sure, that this person is willing to be part of this task/game, so the TWB will not get stuck.

Travel Map

(If you are using the mobile version, just swipe up from the bottom of the map to see the marks, pictures, videos and posts)


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